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Since its creation, SU4E believes in 100% transparency and practices serious and professional methods in every action. Based on a reputation, built over years of dedicated work, more and more partners in Nepal, as well as  internationally, are getting onboard.
SU4E non-profit thanks them wholeheartedly!

Maintaining a good relationship with donors is of utmost importance !

These different organizations trust SU4E non-profit. We provide full transparency, complete accounting and proof of all work done with the donations plus an open channel of communication.


Gouvernment grants.

Travel guides.


- East Side Burger (Paris France)


Personalities - Atists.

- Matthieu Ricard

- Ipacolor 

- Josee Brault

- Toon Masala

- EKLEKTIK Creative (Graphic designers, web design)

Trekking and travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, nature guides, photographers, artists, personalities, more and more people are stopping to promote elephant rides and want to educate their customers and supporters about the fate of these elephants in their country . Well done to them! 
If you're planning to visit Nepal, SU4E non-profit recommends that you choose from this elephant friendly list of businesses first!

Local businesses.

- Elbrus Home (Kathmandu)

- Nomad's Land (Kathmandu)

- Adventure International (Kathmandu)

Base Camp Trek (Kathmandu)

- Nepatrek (Kathmandu)

- Alaya Holidays (Kathmandu)

- Nepal inside out (Kathmandu)

- Adventure International Trekking (KTM)

Local businesses.

- Hotel National Park (Chitwan)

- Pancake & Paws (Chitwan)

- Jungle explore tours (Chitwan)

- Happy Lemon Tree (Chitwan)

- Hotel Rhinoland (Chitwan)

- Art Café (Chitwan)

- Tara Guest House (Chitwan)

- Silent Park Hotel (Chitwan)

- Rhinoceros Homestay (Chitwan)

- Green Mansions (Chitwan)

- Shantiko Kitchen (Chitwan)

- Asmita Godar (Jungle Guide Chitwan)

Group - Artists.

- Paramita Rana (Actress, Model, Singer)

- THC Photography ( Photographer)

- Baucha O Maicha (graphist, designer)

- Neeru Chawal (Handicraft artist)

- Legendary Gears Nepal (Bike lovers, Nepal's first premuim gears store)

Online travel guides.


Newspaper articles
about the non-profit

TV - Documentaries - Radio.

Websites -Research 

Travel guide books.

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