The Elephant Happy Hour is an activity that we offer here in Sauraha as an ethical alternative to the riding.  At the moment, there aren’t many options for elephant tourism here.  We give the elephant a chance to do what she wants for an hour instead.  We’re trying to create a market in hopes that with enough demand, locals will copy it as an alternative.

The total activity lasts 3 hours, including a 20 minute jeep ride to & from Kumroj, where we meet the elephant.  After a short introduction (with fruits!) we stand back, observe and let her be an elephant.  Sometimes she'll cover herself in mud, other times it's straight to the forest to scratch against a tree or forage for fresh jungle food.  The important thing is that she gets a much needed break.

We use all the extra money we collect to improve the living conditions of the mahouts and elephants.

NOW AVAILABLE ELEPHANT HAPPY HOUR LIVE to sponsor one free hour for an elephant from your country and watch it live!!

Please note: activity temporarily suspended due to lack of elephants available for hire

The idea of the Elephant Happy Hour is to offer 1h30 rest for elephants who would otherwise work all day, which requires that we rent their time from their owners. Our usual contact having failed us, we are currently looking for another owner willing to cooperate. Until we can reopen the activity, we invite you to visit us in our HOME for retired elephants. Click here for more information


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