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Eva is a young female of around 30 years old. When we first met her few years back, she was giving rides to tourists, chained behind a hotel in a stressful and dirty environment. In 2018, she sustained injuries that limited her mobility, preventing her from working and left chained front and back legs, malnourished for months on end. 

Unfortunately, little more is known about her past which was presumably very traumatic given her reputation as "dangerous". Psychological trauma often takes longer to heal than physical injuries.


Eva's transformation has been miraculous considering the state in which she was when she arrived at SU4E Home.

Despite her difficult past, Eva gradually learned to trust again thanks to the patience and love of the SU4E team. Eva has blossomed at the HOME and every day more of her unique personality emerges. She's extremely sensitive and keen to show  affection.
She responded quickly to her medical treatment training using ethical operant conditioning methods. She loves spending time in her private pool and her favorite treats are watermelon & cucumbers! 



Lhamo is a female of around 50 years old. Like Eva, little information is known about her past before she arrived in Nepal to work in the tourism industry. What is certain is that she's spent the better part of her life chained, malnourished and overworked.

She has been in Nepal for 10 years, she had at least one baby (whereabouts unknown). In 2019, she suffered serious digestion related problems causing her to lose a lot of weight.

Lhamo before SU4E in bad conditions


Lhamo's transition to her new life with the non-profit organization SU4E was smooth, mainly due to her conciliatory character. Lhamo came in underweight with a few old wounds and overgrown unkept nails. She bonded quickly with Eva while exploring her new freedom becoming almost Eva's surrogate mother and the two are now inseparable.
Lhamo loves apples and pumpkins! And she also loves to scratch on trees and the special scratching posts in the enclosure of the HOME.

Eva and Lhamo best friends elephants

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our online campaign on GoFundMe! Our goal is to relocate our beloved sanctuary to a new and improved location that will better serve the needs of the elephants under our care.

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