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The foundation stones of Stand Up 4 Elephants were laid in 2014 after separate visits by two of the founders to the Chitwan region, where they were shocked by the sub-standard conditions and unacceptable treatment the local captive Asian elephants were forced to endure in the tourism industry. From that first visit, the founders began engaging with elephant owners in the region, offering free care and treatments to the elephants and support for mahouts (elephant caretakers).

SU4E Nepal and Belgium are non-profit organizations. The organizations engage directly with the local community, aiming to demonstrate alternative & sustainable ways of looking after elephants and protect their environment

SU4E team Nepal.


SU4E team Belgium - Founders.

Michael Bailey


Michael Bailey is settled in Chitwan, where he assists Floriane on a daily basis running the HOME while also managing the communication actions of the NGO (social media, website, tourist education, visits) and the dealings with the local administration, third parties, etc.

Floriane Blot


Floriane Blot is a specialized elephant zookeeper / trainer and veterinary technician who has relocated since 2014 to Chitwan, Nepal so as to be able to dedicate herself to the elephants’ welfare on a full time basis. media, website, tourist education, visits) and the dealings with the local administration, third parties, etc.

Annik Lambert


Annik Lambert, a lawyer, travels between Belgium and Nepal, and takes care of the legal / official work as well as of public relationships.

The Animals at the sanctuary.

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