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What we've done already.

The snowball effect

SU4E actions aim to protect elephants and their environment by involving the local community.  By protecting a "keystone" species such as the Asian Elephant, the entire community can be involved in the various stages of management and protection. Acting for the protection of an endangered species necessarily leads to an increased awareness and sensitivity among the locals, therefore improving the chances for the protection of their natural habitat and consequently the conservation of all the species living in the area, habitat, people included. The circle is closes and the protectionist impact is increased.

Actions for 2021.

SU4E, aims in 2021 to increase and strengthen ties and partnerships with the community. From a sensitization point of view on the fate of the elephant in Nepal but also at the level of partnerships with local businesses and young entrepreneurs and artists.
Nepal is one of the few countries where the life expectancy of women is lower than that of men due in particular to the risk of childbirth, early marriage and pregnancy, women's poor access to knowledge, food and to health care. SU4E will continue to help the women of the village by offering them work for more autonomy and assistance in case of emergency. 

Stand Up 4 Elephants - ASBL -  No. 0697.952.810 Belgium




14 avenue du Champ Del Croix 1380 LASNE BELGIUM

Belgium : +32 477 89 86 79

Nepal : +977 980 722 9837

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