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Education program nepal elephants


What we've done already.

A primary mission of Stand Up 4 Elephants is to raise public awareness of ecological and sustainable approaches to animal welfare, conservation and ecologically responsible travel practices. The concept is a multi-fold solution, aiming to create changes on a local level within the community as well as externally, from tourists.  

Children are the future. They will inherit their country’s forests and its wildlife. Despite growing up near elephants, most children in Chitwan don’t really know much about them. 

For more than 3 years, SU4E has been raising awareness of the fate of Asian elephants in Nepal through various activities like the Elephant Happy Hour, visits to the sanctuary and various other community interactions  
Education has always been a major component of our conservation approach. 


Actions for 2024.

Thanks to Le Pal Nature Foundation in 2021, SU4E expands the learning program to include visits to schools in the area followed by a visit to the Sanctuary. Classes are to be given using special workbooks and materials adapted to different age groups, teaching them to be more respectful to the environment and its wildlife. Participants will be asked questions before and after exercises to validate the impact of the activity. 

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