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Programs you can be part of.

Helping the elephants of Nepal is not just about donating, there are  many other ways to support SU4E.

Organize a collection of clothes for the mahouts and their families, create an event and donate part of the proceeds to SU4E, involve SU4E in your class if you are a teacher, ... Contact us to tell us about your ideas:

If you are already working with animals or simply love elephants and want to learn and help. This program is made for you!

We regularly have online fundraising campaigns. Recently, due to COVID, the income generated from visitors to SU4E Home has completely disappeared. We need your support to continue helping the elephants.

Are you an individual and want to organize an event to support SU4E? Are you a small business and want to occasionally donate part of your sales to SU4E? It's possible! Contact us for more information.

You can raise money for SU4E just by searching the internet!! Seriously, you can by installing the search engine LILO on your browser. It's easy and free! The concept is simple, every time you do a search on internet you collect a "drop", each drop represents real money and you give your drops to SU4E.

For organizations, businesses and individuals touched by the situation of elephants in Nepal, become a partner and share SU4E's work with your subscribers or customers and SU4E will do the same for you ! 

Do you work in the teaching profession? Do you want to educate your students about the plight of Asian elephants? We have free educational documents and resources for you. We can even organize an interactive live from Nepal streaming event for your students.


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Stand Up 4 Elephants - ASBL -  No. 0697.952.810 Belgium




14 avenue du Champ Del Croix 1380 LASNE BELGIUM

Belgium : +32 477 89 86 79

Nepal : +977 980 722 9837

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