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Programs you can be part of.

Helping the captive elephants of Nepal is not just about donating, there are  many other ways to support the Non- Profit SU4E.

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Facebook Stand Up 4 Elphants
Youtube channel stand up 4 elephants

Follow us on Social Media : INSTAGRAM - FACEBOOK - YOUTUBE

Visit the sanctuary Nepal elephants

You are in Nepal ? Come and VISIT THE SANCTUARY !

Save the jungle in nepal

Donate to our new gofundme 

campaign to SAVE THE JUNGLE

 for the elephants.

Lilo search engine stand up 4 elephants

By conducting your internet searches through LILO SEARCH ENGINE instead of Google, you can generate money for Stand Up 4 Elephants. So easy!

Become a member of Stand Up 4 Elephants

Become a MEMBER and join the SU4E Family !

Logo gift shop

You can also offer an ETHICAL GIFT to you or your loved ones

Volunteering Benevolat Stand Up 4 Elephants

Join the SU4E Family and become a VOLUNTEER !

Make a donation for the elephants

Make a DONATION to support our actions

donation paypal SU4E
Gofundme campaign
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