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The mahout plays a crucial role in the growth and well-being of elephants at Stand Up 4 Elephants. Our elephants have endured distressing histories and have been subjected to harsh treatment that will permanently influence their perception of humans. Amidst their suffering from inadequate living conditions and being compelled to bear the burden of carrying people, SU4E strives to enlighten our mahouts by imparting the principles of positive reinforcement in their interactions with our animals. The establishment of a genuine mahout-elephant relationship is achieved through the practices of rewarding, loving, and caring. Our dedicated mahouts devote their lives to these magnificent creatures and build unbreakable connections rooted in trust.

EVA's mahouts.

mahout nepal

At 23, Alam is the youngest of our Mahouts. He comes from a Mahout family and has worked with elephants from a young age. He and Eva formed an immediate bond, largely due to his comfortable disposition and knowledge of elephants. Alam has a natural instinct for the job but he's also a really nice guy and we're proud to have him on the team!

mahout nepal

Ram is 32 years old and was already Lhamo's mahout before he arrived at the SU4E Home. He has been a mahout for about 10 years. His father was a farmer and not a mahout but Ram decided to work with elephants because of a lifelong fascination with these magnificent creatures. Ram & Eva have a very good connection. He is soft spoken and kind and Lhamo feels safe with him!

LHAMO's mahouts.

mahout nepal

Suk Bahadur, 50 years old, has been Lhamo's mahout for 5 years before their arrival at SU4E Home. The two know each other very well! Suk Bahadur is quite shy and calm, just like Lhamo! His passion for elephants does not come from a family tradition but rather from his friendship with the mahouts when he was a teenager.

mahout nepal

At 43, Somlal is the latest addition to the team, is an exceptionally tranquil and amiable mahout. Lhamo holds a deep affection for him and finds great solace in his presence. Together, they form an outstanding duo, functioning seamlessly as a cohesive unit.

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