The SU4E Elephant HOME is currently the biggest project of the NGO, it represents a major milestone of our work in Nepal.

The purpose of this project is to welcome the first elephants retired by SU4E and the mahouts that will be entrusted to care for them.  We are hoping to raise the standards of living for both the animals and people.  

The elephants living at the HOME will not be used in the EHH program.  We only use working elephants during the happy hour - the ones that really need the rest.  Our elephants are retired!They will be free to spend much of their days in the forest accompanied by their mahouts before returning to spend the night chain-free in the enclosure.

None of this would have been possible without your support (a big thank you to Walloon Brabant and The Pal Nature Foundation) and to the whole community!


These are the caretakers of the elephants. 

They do a dangerous job for little pay and even less appreciation.  Sadly, the caste system being what it is, they are traditionally at the bottom of the social ladder, abused and underpaid.

We offer them a place to live and a respectful work environment in which they are valued and appreciated.

This includes housing such as they have never had, constructed specially on raised platforms to ensure dry living during the monsoon season.  With private rooms so they can have family visits, bathrooms with showers and hot water, eco-toilets, stocked kitchen. Plus higher wages, health insurance, assistance to schooling children, etc. 


There is always something to do at the camp!

Take care of Eva, maintain her house, update daily logbook, observe animals, improve infrastructure ...


It is a place of sharing, mutual aid and intercultural encounter.

Ecology and recuper 'as philosophy, we use dry toilets and produce our compost.

Soon : Elephant dung paper with Eva's poo !

charlotte 2



There is NO charge but appointment necessary

Come visit us, meet Eva and let's talk about Elephant welfare !
We will show you around the facility and present an information session about elephants, in general and specifically in Nepal.  You can help prepare some treats and watch a positive reinforcement training session.

We're located about 5km from Sauraha, a really nice bike ride or we can recommend a tuktuk driver.

Contact us to make a reservation.
info@su4e.org       or     +977 9807229837


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