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What we've done already.

Since 2014, Stand Up 4 Elephants has been bringing a progressive and ethically responsible approach regarding improving the conditions of the captive elephants in Nepal. 

End of 2018, we started the construction of the SU4E HOME, a place built as an model of what is possible with minimal investment to manage elephants in a kinder way. 

Thanks to our long term partners Le Pal Nature Foundation, Brabant Walloon and the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, we were able to welcome our first rescue Eva at the end of 2019 and Lhamo at the end of 2020. 

The SU4E HOME welcomes the caretakers of each rescued elephant, they are they key to the success. Happy mahouts = Happy elephants  !

The SU4E HOME is made up of a shelter for elephants open to an enclosure of about 1 hectare including a large elephant swimming pool. On the human side, the mahouts each have an individual room, a large common kitchen and showers.

The team welcome visitors everyday, click here to book a visit  

Actions for 2021.

In 2021, we are focusing on education and awareness.

Find out more -> Education Program.

The fully operational center allows us to concentrate on a local level, partnering with other organizations to advocate and demonstrate that change is indeed possible.

Visit the SU4E Home !

Stand Up 4 Elephants - ASBL -  No. 0697.952.810 Belgium




14 avenue du Champ Del Croix 1380 LASNE BELGIUM

Belgium : +32 477 89 86 79

Nepal : +977 980 722 9837

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