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When Eva arrived at the SU4E Home in October 2019, she was suffering from severe abscesses on both front feet and could barely walk. Since her arrival, her health improved considerably but she still needs daily treatments to help her recovery. We use medicines like Betadine, Epsom Salt, Wonder Dust, Turmeric, Potassium, and special nail cream to strengthen and help regrowth of damaged tissue.

 Only $150 per month.

Eva, was in a really poor condition when SU4E non-profit organization rescued her, it took a year of care to get her back on her feet. To continue having the best time of her life, she needs food supplements in addition to the grass, hay and branches that she eats every day. She receives a daily dose of vegetables, special elephant vitamins, chick peas, molasse, and during the winter, an energetic mixture based from cooked rice.

 Only $100 per month.

Eva is a pro when it comes for a daily medical training now. To be able to achieve so much with her she needs treats ! it represents around 6 kg per day of fruits.

Eva loves watermelons, bananas and mangos !


$5 per day = $150 per month.

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By becoming a monthly donor, you are joining a group of our most treasured friends and family, who provide an ongoing, dependable source of income to save elephants. Your monthly gift is easy to budget and will be automatically charged to your designated account every month until you cancel at any time.

  • $34 buys a day of food.

  • $238 buys a month of food

Stand Up 4 Elephants - ASBL -  No. 0697.952.810 Belgium




14 avenue du Champ Del Croix 1380 LASNE BELGIUM

Belgium : +32 477 89 86 79

Nepal : +977 980 722 9837

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