We are truly grateful for the support of our members. 
It is through your generosity that we are able to continue our work.



Founding Members

Michael Bailey - Canada

Floriane Blot - France

Annik Lambert - Belgium

Nicolas Pignolet

Comptable - Belgique


Guido Ravoet 

Donateur - Belgique


Philippe t’Kint

Avocat - Belgique

Alexandra Seica

Responsable Newsletter - France

Honorary members

Marc & Kathi Bailey             

Donateurs - Canada

Samira Mahdi Gaichal 

Support technique - France


Rosemary Moigno  

Support Vétérinaire - France

Elise Bouaud - France


Vanessa Brucker - France


Benoît Detry - Belgique


Oswald & Françoise Lambert - Bourg - Belgique


Anna Ovarainen - Finlande


Anaïs Thomas - France


Morgane Wald - France


Servanne Huchet - France

Doriane Robeyrotte - France

Aurélie Vaquer - France

Florian Ballet - France

Celine Karger - France

Floriane Cartier Millon - France

Mathieu Cartier Millon - France

Vanessa Ghilsofi - France

Coralie Salabert - France


Coralie Salabert - France

Catherine Etcheber - France

Matthieu Fromet - France

Alexiane Grieu - France

Charlotte Gaudelus - France

Thomas Lequeux - France

Matteo Boisson - France

Coralie Mendonca - France

Christophe Boulignat - France



Data Protection

Members are informed that their private data is being used for administrative management only, in line with SU4E legal status and mission. They can have access to their registered data upon request and require their modification at any time. SU4E is a Belgian Non-profit Association registered N° BCE 0697.952.810.

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