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Trekking and travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, nature guides, photographers, artists, personalities, more and more people are stopping to promote elephant rides and want to educate their customers and supporters about the fate of these elephants in their country . Well done to them! 
If you're planning to visit Nepal, SU4E non-profit recommends that you choose from this elephant friendly list of businesses first!

Local businesses.

- Elbrus Home (Kathmandu)

- Nomad's Land (Kathmandu)

- Adventure International (Kathmandu)

Base Camp Trek (Kathmandu)

- Nepatrek (Kathmandu)

- Alaya Holidays (Kathmandu)

- Ambar Rai tour and travel (Kathmandu)

- Nepal inside out (Kathmandu)

- Wildlife encounters (Chitwan)

- Pancake & Paws (Chitwan)

- Tiger encounter (Chitwan)

- Jungle explore tours (Chitwan)

- Happy Lemon Tree (Chitwan)

- Hotel Rhinoland (Chitwan)

- Art Café (Chitwan)

- Tara Guest House (Chitwan)

- Evergreen Ecolodge (Chitwan)

- Silent Park Hotel (Chitwan)

- Yeti Guest House (Pokhara)

- Yak Yak Travels (Pokhara)

Group - Atists.

- Paramita Tania (Actress, Model, Singer)

- THC Photography ( Photographer)

- Baucha O Maicha (graphist, designer)

- Neeru Chawal (Handicraft artist)

- Legendary Gears Nepal (Bike lovers, Nepal's first premuim gears store)

Online travel guides.

Stand Up 4 Elephants - ASBL -  No. 0697.952.810 Belgium




14 avenue du Champ Del Croix 1380 LASNE BELGIUM

Belgium : +32 477 89 86 79

Nepal : +977 980 722 9837

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