12/21/2018: Acquisition of the land

01/10/2019: Start of work for the houses of the mahouts, volunteers, carpentry etc.

End of January: Construction of common areas ; laying of blocks and bamboo walls 

End of February: Cloture of the ground via poles and barbels

Beginning of March: Finishes of the rooms (Outside, laying stairs, electricity, window, etc)

03/21/2019: Laying the first poles for elephant house

Beginning of April: Finishing of common parts (hot water balloon, electricity, painting, kitchen, etc)

04/09/2019: First volunteers to live in the field  and we continue the improvements :)

End of April: the construction of the elephant structure is progressing well! (remains concrete slab and sand)

July / August : The elephant bard is done !

Thank to Le Pal Nature Foundation 

August : Starting the pool for the Elephants

September : We finish step by step the camp, there is always work to do !

September : Starting the construction of electrique fence enclosure. Thank to Brigitte Bardot Foundation  

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