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A huge THANK YOU to all of you (list below, by alphabetical order) whose donations have allowed us to make it through 2020 despite the loss of income resulting from Covid 19 pandemic, and our deepest gratitude ️to Lhamo's god-mothers and god-fathers who broke their pigeon box to allow her rescue !

Margot Clavier,

Denys Eysseric ,

Benoît Detry,

Anna Oravainen,

Loka Shanti ASBL, Isabelle & Gregory,

Roger Dippel,

Paul O’Connor,

Diane Lortiois & Franco Iannucci, 
Alain Gourio,
Victor Pelin,

Lena Kathrin Bauer,
Amy Nathanson.

Lhamo rescue nepal elephant

Afthinos Anthony,

Animal and Nature connect,

Atlas Bernie,

Bailey Katalin,

Barben Jack,

Bee Immense,

Bellegot Maelle,

Bellegot Yves,

Bertrand Carole,

Bouaud Elise,

Boulignat Christophe,

Bourg Francoise,

Brucker Vanessa,

Canon Carole,

Capitte Kathy,

Capitte Martin,

Colpitts Amy,

Courir Pour Les Animaux,

Couronne Nina,

Dalgarno Barbara,

Dalgarno Piers,

Dam Julie,

Dara Hari Krishna,

De Hass W,

Debailly Marine,

Debiasi Paola,

Deliry Alexa,

Donato Bianca,

Dubois Isabelle,

Ducoulombier Eric,

Early Fionnuala,

Enders Jeanne,

Flanz Gail,

Florentin Marie-Camille,

Fourdin Willy,

Freedman Lorane,

Freedman Samara,

Friscia Christine,

Garfield Wendy,

Gaudelus Charlotte,

Gavory Anne-Laure,

Genouel Emilie,

Gesche Roth,

Ghisolfi Vanessa,

Giri Roshani,

Gragg Chelsea,

Grillon Monique,

Gruel Christine,

Guesdon Pauline,

Gutrath Karen,

Hanbury Lindsey,

Heath Grif,

Heath Robert,

Hill Kristine,

Houze Virginie,

Howarth Jane,

Hulin-Mihalec Jindrich,

Hunt Emma,

Jager Felix,

Jarosova Barbora,

Johnson Jennifer,

Jolly Nicola,

Kattapong Kristi,

KC Barsha,

Khoyratty Saleem,

Kohler Francois,

Lacombe Nelly,

Lambert Annouk,

Landau Robert,

Lazy Way Hiker,

Leburn Anne-Francoise,

Lezanoff Mike,

Luminaworks Consulting,

Mackie Tobias,

Mali Anais,

Malinge Natacha,

Malinge Philippe,

Malone Anne-Marie,

Malone Thomas,

Mattioda Aude,

Mc Kenna Riley,

Messmer Mick,

Meyer Pia,

Meyer Yves,

Micard Christelle,

Neuray Nicole,

Oudin-Bassano Cyrielle & Julien,

Paget Christiane,

Peace Alice,

Pequignot-Jomini Noemie,

Blanc Pierre,

Pigeot Lea,

Podlesh Jean,

Puncernau Pol,

Quenard Lena,

Ramos Reena,

Ran Bar-Iev,

Rojitman Patrice,

Rolbim Barry,

Sabin Ben,

Salabert Carolie,

Salmanovitch Farla,

Sanguinet Karine,

Sawtsky Lienne,

Scalabrini Mathieu,

Schmid Isabelle,

Sklar Alissa,

Smythe Taylor,

Stinson Elizabeth,

Stinson Liz,

Tailhardat Camille,

Thompson Christian,

Touron Veronique,

Tucker Jon,

UK Online Giving Founding,

Vagner Vlastimil,

Van den Hof Lisanne,

Vandenberghe Marc,

Vaquer Aurelie,

Vignaud Nyko,

Walker Jacob,

Warner Patricia,

Winand Bernard,

Wyss Rebekka.

Eva Lhamo SU4E Nepal Elephants
Sanctuary Nepal elephants Stand Up 4 Ele
SU4E rescue elephants
Stand Up 4 Elephants
Lhamo Eva SU4E

!NB : No fiscal deductibility à the stage. Outside the EU, the Belgian law only grants the fiscal deductibility of donations to NGOs whose action qualifies as « Cooperation-development », which SU4E does not as its field of action is considered to narrow.

If your name is incorrectly spelled, listed or omitted, please accept our apologies and contact us so we can correct the error. Thank you !

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