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We are the only organization working to offer a viable alternative model, but more importantly because we work by example, within the community, pushing for change in mentalities and practices towards tangible improvements in the welfare of captive elephants in Nepal.

SU4E is a non-profit organization registered in Belgium - ASBL n° 0697.952.81


For US tax deductible donations, we work with a financial sponsor.  Please contact us for 501(c) details.

To donate by Paypal, check or money order:

Please make check or money order payable to Stand Up 4 Elephants and send to:

Stand Up 4 Elephants

14 av. du Champ Del Croix

1380 Lasne, Belgium


To donate by wire transfer:

BANK : BNP Paribas Fortis

IBAN  : BE54 0018 4388 2797 


Gifts is kind or in-kind donations, is a type of charitable giving in which goods and services themselves are given instead of just giving money. 
There are many ways you can help; such as graphic design or printing of promotional materials, grant writing or especially fundraising.

Please write to discuss how you can help.


You can support SU4E WITH Every Internet SEARCH

Use the search engine LILO raise money for SU4E with every search. 
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